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Naples, Monastery of Santa Chiara
(majolica-tiled cloister) - Summer 2017

'Italian Memories'

Discovering Italy and Italian culture, why and how?
If you’re here – I guess – you love Italy and you’re fascinated by its art, culture, places, history, cuisine, and (maybe) Italian beauties. Perhaps you’re planning your next travel and Italy is your go-to destination. Maybe – as simple as that – you’re a curious mate, or you arrived here by chance.
You’re welcome!

Sorry to disappoint you… Italian Memories is a guide like no other: spontaneous and unpretentious. These Italian Memories can’t be found in any magazine or documentary. This is Italy as I lived it, as I remember it, and as I see it. Allow me to show you my country and its hidden gems. Let me have my say about today’s society and the Italian lifestyle. Listen to me while I reveal its unusual and peculiar traditions; let me suggest you some tips to survive every day in the Italian jungle. 
These are my Italian Memories as I humbly write them while I'm away... I'm re-discovering my old place.


Valentina Chirico
(an atypical Italian in Birmingham)

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