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Meet The Author

Self-proclaimed the ‘humble, happy nomad’, Valentina Chirico is definitely an atypical Italian girl.

Valentina has got many names because no one can pronounce it decently abroad. Call her Valens like the unlucky Roman emperor; it was her nickname when she signed her first blogs in 2009. She is an expat archaeologist and web editor born in Campania. She moved to Birmingham and cannot keep still because travelling is in her DNA. Both sides of her family travelled the world and she grew up hearing about a faraway place called Venezuela. She actually would like to visit Venezuela and drink some Ponche crema again.

She does too many things to live, but she prefers writing! Valentina started her editorial career in 2009 with a beauty blog called ‘Valens… per voi’ and today she runs She collaborated as a co-author for Italian e-magazines (Fabulousity - 2016,  Alpi fashion Magazine). Other contributions are online as guest posts and ghost-writing pieces. She worked as a cultural media manager in Italy and shortly in the UK (2018). She is particularly proud of her articles for the University of Birmingham PG Recruitment Blog.

She studied European languages and got her first degree in Archaeology and History of Arts at the Università degli Studi di Napoli ‘Federico II’. She was awarded a Master in Antiquity (Egyptology) in winter 2019 at the University of Birmingham. She cannot have a break: she works in a theatre and as a commercial extra (Alan Sharman Agency). You can tell, she is not camera-shy!


Of her many passions, she nurtures culture, indie fashion and cosmetology. You can make your choice: dig into a multicoloured palette of shadows with the 'beauty archaeologist' or sip a bubbly glass of Italy with this person down there.


The author

Valentina Chirico

An atypical Italian girl

Roma, Terrazza Caffarelli
Spring 2019

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